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Who’s Your Favorite Busty Pornstar?

If you’re a fan of hardcore porn, you likely have a favorite pornstar. Or maybe multiple favorite pornstars. For me, it’s been Luna Star since she came on the scene. Something about this hot Cuban temptress reeled me in and never let me go. She has one of those big Latina asses that I would love to bust all over, but of course it’s those massive perfect tits of hers that bounce just right when she’s fucked hard that drive me absolutely wild.

So it’s no wonder that I love to follow her career and see what she’s turning out. Thankfully when I found out she was starring in a film on Deep Lush I decided to join just to see her in action! I was even able to use this discount to save 49% at Deep Lush so I really couldn’t pass it up!

It should come as no surprise that she didn’t disappoint, delivering some of the best  sex I’ve ever seen from her. And with what a skilled slut she is that is really saying a lot! This site really focuses on raw passion and the chemistry between the talent on screen, so it felt even more intense than usual, and it’s in crystal clear HD so you don’t miss a thing!

They feature some of the top pornstars on the planet, and they update every week, so you never know who they’ll add next. Join now and see if your favorite pornstar is currently featured, or if they’ll be added soon. Or who knows, you may even find a new favorite!